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  • This infographic looks at key findings from LinkedIn's B2B CMO survey, outlines three key strategies for driving growth, and covers how the platform's tools can help with budget optimization.

  • Small business owners say customer acquisition is both the biggest marketing challenge they face and the top area they need to improve to achieve their marketing goals this year, according to recent research from Constant Contact and Ascend2.

  • Which brand logos do graphic designers think are the most iconic of all time? What are the most iconic logos by industry? What are the key logo trends of 2024? Adobe surveyed graphic designers to find out.

  • When people think of PR, they tend to think of press releases. However, the field includes many other types of content that can help businesses convey important messaging and achieve their goals.

  • To help make sense of smorgasbord of digital marketing solutions available today, Smart Insights created an infographic covering top tool recommendations for 2024.

  • Which sales approaches resonate most with B2B buyers? How important is it for B2B buyers that salespeople show an understanding of their business and personalize pitches? To find out, researchers surveyed 500 buyers in the UK.

  • The use of terminology related to artificial intelligence (such as "AI" and "generative AI") by media outlets has grown tremendously since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, according to recent research.

  • Some 59% of B2B marketing leaders have identified video as a leading marketing technique they plan to use for brand-building in 2024, according to this recent infographic from LinkedIn.

  • How can you nurture a strong corporate culture in a hybrid workplace? You need to take six key approaches. This infographic lays out those approaches, explaining why they are important and how to implement each.

  • What are the biggest challenges freelancers face when working with clients? How do they feel about their onboarding, team integration, and feedback experiences with clients? To find out, researchers surveyed 200 freelancers.

  • Some 91% of buyers say they've encountered at least one issue that's prevented them from placing an order online with a B2B vendor, according to recent research.

  • What are the foundational elements of social media marketing success? According to this infographic, they are: community, content, curation, creation, connection, conversation, and conversion.

  • Some 43% of small business owners say they oppose a potential US ban of TikTok, according to a recent survey.

  • Do marketers think their companies will face more competition in 2024 compared with 2023? To find out, researchers conducted a survey of 507 marketing professionals in the United States.

  • Do managers think artificial intelligence will lead to fewer employees and lower salaries? To find out, researchers conducted a survey of 3,000 adults in the United States in management positions.

  • Which fonts should you consider and which should you avoid for your email campaigns? This infographic looks at the good (clear and Web-friendly), bad (for decoration only), and ugly (avoid at all cost).

  • Which digital marketing single-day gigs pay the most? To find out, researchers looked at thousands of publicly available job ads on Fiverr.

  • Global media inflation—the rising cost of advertising across the world—is expected to be slightly lower in 2024 compared with 2023, according to recent research.

  • Which domains send the most traffic to other websites on the internet? To find out, researchers looked at data from an anonymized panel of several hundred thousand internet users in the United States.

  • This infographic covers the recommended image sizes for common placements on Instagram, Twitter/X, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.