You understand how email delivery works, but perhaps you have trouble explaining the process to your boss, a client or a colleague. If so, you're in luck. An entertaining post by Matt Vernhout at Email Karma compares the delivery process to an evening at a hot new nightclub—terms most everyone can understand. Vernhout's analogy goes something like this:

  • Being on an ISP's whitelist is like being on a club's guest list. Thanks to "connection filtering," you're put in a shorter line or get to skip the wait altogether.
  • The bouncers—aka the "postmaster team"—control the guest list and determine who gets through. Entrée depends on past behavior—for instance, bounces and complaints. "If you have been good in the past and you get into the club," says Vernhout, "you're that much closer to your recipients." You also need ID—or authentication—to prove you are who you say you are.
  • Once inside, you still have no guarantees you'll get direct access to your host (read: subscriber). He needs to recognize you (meaning you're in his address book) if you plan to enter the VIP section (his inbox).

"Remember you're an invited guest," Vernhout concludes. "[P]arty crashers will get bounced at the door."

The Po!nt: Seek that chic entrée. This "exclusive club" analogy holds true to the very end for email marketers seeking permission to mail. You need to play fair to enter this club.

Source: Email Karma. Read the full post here.

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