Last week, we offered Galen de Young's tips for optimizing B2B email content for search engines, just as you would optimize website copy. This week, we offer tips from his B2B Marketing Blog for optimizing internal site links to and from posted email content. Among his tips:

Link email marketing content to other B2B site content. "Many content marketers make the mistake of treating clickthrough to the article as the goal," de Young says. "[Y]ou should [also] be thinking about easy ways to let the reader jump deeper into related content on your site."

Link from other site areas to your posted B2B email content. "If you don't link to [posted email] content from elsewhere on your site, site visitors and search engines aren't going to find it," he reminds us.

Consider using NoFollow. If you provide an alternative link to view a text-only email's content as a Web page, "you may want to NoFollow certain links within the HTML version" that resides on your site. Doing so instructs search engines that linked-to pages—such as privacy-policy, contact-information, and subscriber-management pages—should not derive ranking-related benefit from those links.

All B2B email content needs to be written "with a page-specific optimization strategy in mind," de Young concludes. "That goes for article titles, headings and body copy (and anchor text of any intra-site links within the article)."

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