Although B2B marketers may use the terms drip marketing and closed-loop marketing interchangeably, they are actually two distinctly different approaches to lead nurturing, says Maria Pergolino in a recent post at the Modern B2B Marketing blog. She offers a breakdown of the differences between the two techniques. Some highlights:

A drip is a touch. Drip marketing messages, often called touches, "are sent on a scheduled basis (daily, weekly, monthly), [to ensure] that the marketer's company is top-of-mind when the buyer is ready to purchase," Pergolino says. Email is the usual channel of choice. Key points:

  • For the best results, "create and deliver [drip campaigns] through an automated system that will … include links to landing pages," she advises.
  • Incorporating personalized content, and giving the customer a choice of frequency should also boost results.

A loop is a calculation. Closed-loop marketing communicates with contacts based on their previous actions and their place in the buying cycle. "Marketers literally close the loop, working in conjunction with sales, providing the right information at the right time, based on a prospect's responses and behaviors," Pergolino explains. Key point:

  • "[T]he most cost-effective and least intrusive way for marketers to participate in closed-loop marketing is through triggered email campaigns that provide links to thought leadership relevant to the specific prospect," she says.

The Po!nt: Differentiate your drip and loop. Then test. "Deciding which method to use … should ultimately be based on the return you are seeing from [the] implementation of each," Pergolino concludes.

Source: Marketo. Read the full post here.

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