It'd be an understatement to say 2009 was a tough year for Domino's Pizza, what with the awkward employees-abusing-food scandal.

A quick recap: two bored employees recorded themselves doing unpleasant things with food, and the video wound up on YouTube. Domino's responded swiftly enough, both terminating the employees and releasing an apologetic YouTube video featuring company President Patrick Doyle.

Since then, things have quieted down, but it goes without saying that Domino's learned a valuable lesson about the power of social-media communications.

Well, as you no doubt have seen, the pizza joint recently kicked off a campaign to show that it is out anew to win hearts, minds and taste buds. Orchestrated by the incendiary Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Pizza Turnaround is both a documentary and a reiteration of Domino's core brand values.

The company conducted a series of focus groups to find out how people truly felt about the taste of its pizza. Turns out most of them hated it; the most common complaint was that the crust tasted like cardboard. So, tail between legs, the corporate kitchens embarked on a journey to give their pies a facelift.

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