It's Lady Gaga lesson-time again. After all, she is a marketer who consistently goes viral. And her results ring loud: Gaga's the first artist to hit 1 billion YouTube views. And she's turned quite a handy-dandy profit: 11.5 million albums sold in two years, including through digital media (where she was 2009's bestseller, with 15 million tracks sold). Clearly, she's doing something right. Brand marketers apparently can learn a lot from her cinematic, but approachable, persona.

So, what exactly is it we need to learn? VivaKi's Newcast recently broke Gaga's appeal down in a video case study. Here are five branding tips based on the report:

Tell a consistent story. Define a character and vision. Make sure your strategic team knows it fluently and supports it.

Engage fans in conversation. Provoke, listen, react! But don't just head-nod; offer quality content that people will appreciate.

Connect the content. Keep your story consistent across media. Build relationships with brands/content providers that complement your persona. Discovery is part of a relationship's pleasure; your personality should be multifaceted, its glint reflecting where the light bounces.

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