In August, correction-tape brand Tippex launched an attention-grabbing YouTube campaign. Colorfully labeled "NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!," it shows footage of a reluctant hunter faced with shooting a bear creeping up on his camping gear.

At video's end, you're left with one of two buttons to push: should he shoot, or not? The tactic mirrors work like last year's Choose a Different Ending, an online video effort that won Cannes acclaim for its creativity and winding plot.

Don't worry, this one ends well! Whatever button you push, the hunter decides he cannot shoot the bear. So he reaches outside the frame—a rich-media tactic that surely re-ignites interest—and uses the big Tippex dispenser in the ad alongside him to erase "shoots" from the video's title.

Users are then invited to replace the word with a verb of choice, then hit enter and see what unfolds. It's a nod to Burger King's infamous Subservient Chicken campaign, and it runs the gamut: Watch bear and hunter hug, cook, dance—quick, find more verbs!

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