Ever wonder how much meaningful traffic or links could come your way if you search-optimized your images? The answer might be, More than you'd expect. So writes Michael Gray in a post at Graywolf's SEO Blog.

Thanks to Google's universal search results, images can help you show up on the first page—or, in some cases, even at the top—of results lists, Gray reports. In the process, you can increase click-throughs, ad views, and AdSense impressions. Best of all, Gray predicts, optimizing images could help you complete more leads.

Here are five ways to get your images to rank like a star:

Filenames. Use "jpg" or "gif" files, and include keywords in the image file names.

ALT Text. Use ALT Text for its intended purpose; but wherever appropriate, also incorporate keywords as signals for the search engines. (Don't overdo it, Gray warns, or you'll be penalized for keyword stuffing.)

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