YouTube enjoys an astounding 3 billion views per day. It's no surprise that big brands are fighting to harness some of those eyeballs. Today the site has more than 20,000 revenue-generating partners.

At MIPCOM this year, YouTube announced its intentions to focus on content creators, offering guidance and even Creator Camps to help improve entrepreneurs' video production and marketing skills.

If you can't attend a Creator Camp, this should help: the YouTube Creator Playbook. This free, downloadable guide is divvied into three detailed parts: Programming and Producing, Publishing and Optimization, and Community and Social Media.

Topics include how to:

  • Make your video a show-stealer in the first 15 seconds
  • Optimize your channel page
  • Get your audience involved in promoting your video
  • Use different forms of social media in your promotions
  • Include calls to action in your video that boost response
  • Manipulate metadata and better leverage repurposed content

Now, don't sweat dealing with details like the ones above too much. Remember, this process should be fun! "The number-one thing [to keep in mind when creating a video] is just to be a good storyteller," YouTube's Patrick Walker advises. "Just do good stuff; it'll travel naturally."

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