Few of us have kind words for the Fortune 500 CEOs who lived it up while the value of their companies, and our 401(k)s, imploded. And with a trio of videos dripping with schadenfreude, JetBlue proposes to help disgraced executives adjust to life without a private jet. Each episode at the Welcome Bigwigs site also touts features any traveler will appreciate.

The first in the series, entitled Welcome Aboard, explains how the airline flies to many of a CEO's regular haunts. "JetBlue can get you to many cities where you already own homes or hide money," says the host. "Aruba. Vegas. St. Maarten. Nantucket. They even have service to D.C. so you'll never be late for a congressional hearing. JetBlue even flies to the hidden headquarters of the Illuminati, where CEOs like us manipulate the shadow government that rules the world."

Then we're off to The Airport, in which our slightly bewildered CEO avoids the hoi polloi by checking in at an automated kiosk. "Just tap the screen, then scan your credit card," says the host. "Make sure it's yours! And there you have it, easier than writing off a toxic asset."

In the final installment, The Flight, our CEO is assured that each leather-covered seat comes with its own entertainment center, and that there's plenty of room to work. As our relaxed protagonist sits in his middle seat, singing along to a song on his headphones, the host notes, "Ah, feels like 2006 again."

By using a humorous and timely angle to describe an airline's benefits and features, the JetBlue videos demonstrate solid viral potential—and Marketing Inspiration.

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