"When the slow season strikes," says Kimberly Smith in an article at MarketingProfs, "it's time to put some energy into pumping up that brand." She runs down a list of action points that make the most of your downtime, and says here's where you should start: Strengthen connections with your current customers.

According to Seth Godin, "Attracting a new customer costs far more than keeping an old one happy. Not only that, but an old customer is far more likely to bring you new people via word of mouth than someone who isn't even a customer yet."

Smith highlights the achievements of one company that boosted sales by 12 percent and decreased client shrinkage by 75 percent with a program that included:

  • Meeting one-on-one with clients with the sole purpose of discovering their needs and concerns.
  • Making the executive team's contact information available to all clients.
  • Producing competitive audits that detailed how clients might better engage their target markets.
  • Incorporating thoughtful gestures into all client-facing activities.

The Po!nt: "Downtime isn't panic time," says Smith. "It's time to catch up on all the little housekeeping, brand-building tasks that have been put off due to time constraints. In addition to positioning yourself for future success, you'll likely find that exercises like these can help to keep yourself, and your staff, both busy and optimistic."

Source: MarketingProfs. Click here for the full Pro article (paid subscription required).

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