Immersive, interactive computing is here to stay. Having entered public consciousness through gaming applications like Pokémon Go, the world of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)—known collectively as XR—is rapidly expanding.

And it's already moved beyond the gaming world and into the world of marketing.

Today's Experience Economy includes the wide range of new XR experiences built by business across the globe that are creating singular worlds in which consumers can connect with products, ideas, and brand ideals in a more meaningful, "tangible" way.

By surrounding customers with a 360-degree virtual experience, brands can enjoy unparalleled relationships with people across the world. From virtual showrooms for luxury cars to guided VR tours of properties, there are so many ways XR is poised to bring a new dimension to marketing.

Discussing this trend at GDS Summits, Joanna Popper, ECP of media and marketing at the Google-sponsored Singularity University, said: "I look at the brand experience around virtual reality similarly to the way I look at experiential marketing. You're just completely inside the experience, so you're living whatever the experience is that the brand or the content creator is providing. So, there's nothing more immersive than that."

To learn more about XR applications in marketing, check out this video:

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