Question:What's a tag line and how is one created?

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In short (because tag lines are short :), a tagline is simply a short set of words that companies use to associate with their company or the NY Times "All the news that's fit to print" or the Yellow Pages "Let your fingers do the walking", etc. These taglines, while clever, should also be highly relevant to your customers. So the best way to start to create one is to first figure out what segment(s) of the market you're going after, based on what these segments really care about, determine your positioning statement. Then, use the positioning statement as the basis for your tagline.

For example, BMW positions itself on performance and drivability. Therefore, it's not surprising that it's tagline is "the ultimate driving machine".

You can find sites on the internet that will show you hundreds of taglines, but in almost every case, when they are good, they are based on a strong positioning statement and also have a bit of cleverness too. But cleverness alone won't do it. So start with a good positioning statement.

Here's one site where you can find hundreds of taglines:

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