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At, our goal is to provide you with the information and know-how you need to successfully compete in your business. Our wealth of industry related information draws on the cutting edge marketing knowledge of a broad array of analysts, marketing professionals, and professors who create marketing theory and are able to bridge the gap between theory and real-world business practice. That is why so many businesses both large and small look to MarketingProfs as a vital marketing research tool for success.

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Marketing Research Tool Articles

At MarketingProfs, you will find a wide array of marketing articles designed to help keep you abreast on all of the latest marketing information. From branding and research methods to usability and strategy, MarketingProfs is a marketing research tool that will help you stay on top of your industry. To learn more about the articles offered by MarketingProfs, visit our archive. To become a member and take full advantage of information on this site, please follow this link: Marketing Research Tool Articles Sign-up

What Makes MarketingProfs a True Marketing Research Tool?

Although there are a numerous web sites devoted to providing marketing news and information, these web sites only help you to see what other companies are doing, not how you can apply it to your situation. At MarketingProfs, we provide you with the know-how to take the information provided and apply it to your business, making MarketingProfs a truly indispensable media and Internet marketing research tool.

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