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The closer your prospect is to the sale, the shorter the experience can be. If you’re in a”click here to buy this widget” mode, then think single page. If not, your respondents and your conversion rate will benefit from multipage experiences.

Vague click sources need help. If your click source message is vague, you’re going to attract a lot of unqualified clicks. Your landing experience must do the heavy lifting of segmentation and qualification. Go multipage, earn trust, and improve your conversion rate and quality.

Complex offerings benefit from multipage experiences. Complex products or services benefit from multiple segmentation forks and longer, multipage experiences. Respondents appreciate the effort and show their appreciation by converting.

Higher ticket sales require more to make their case. This means you can go deeper with linear (not random access) multipage experiences. This assumes that conversion, and not education, is the goal. If your goal is education, keep reading.

Steer clear of navigation if your goal is conversion. Microsites are great for  educating respondents on a topic. They don’t work nearly as well if you’re trying to convert a respondent from a specific message. Random navigation is the enemy of conversion. Keep the gorilla focused on the banana and don’t distract them. They’ll repay you with conversions.

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Justin Talerico is CEO of ion interactive (, a company that pioneered in post-click marketing. Justin and his colleagues provided professional guidance and assistance in the development of SmartTools: High-Performance Landing Pages, specifically for MarketingProfs Premium members.