Mobile marketing changes so rapidly that virtually every day brings new developments, but some trends are here to stay, including mobile apps. ABI Research has predicted the revenue they generate would exceed $30 billion by the end of 2012—nearly double that of 2011.

To stay at the top of the game, you have to stay on top of such trends. So, without further ado, here are the four trends every mobile app marketer needs to be aware of in 2013 (and perhaps beyond).

1. Retargeting and Real-Time Bidding

Every successful mobile marketing campaign starts with successfully targeting those who will prove most beneficial to your company. Of course, inactive or dormant users add absolutely nothing to the campaign. Why reach out to someone who will likely never become a customer?

The recent introduction of Apple's Advertising Identifier will help the development of more sophisticated real-time bidding and retargeting technology, including the ability to specifically target inactive users in an effort to reengage them—making other marketers everywhere jealous in the process.

In addition, advertisers will be able to use real-time bidding to further improve their media buy and, consequently, campaign ROI. With real-time bidding, every online ad impression can be evaluated and transacted instantly.

Real-time bidding is truly a win-win for the mobile advertising industry, giving buyers more access and transparency while simultaneously giving sellers a market-driven fair price.

2. The Prevalence of Tracking

Tracking was a highly debated topic in 2012, and this trend will continue in 2013. In 2012, we saw the deprecation of the UDID (unique device identifier) and the introduction of its replacement, the Apple Advertising Identifier. Why is tracking projected to trend upward in 2013? Because it's effective.

The ability to target, create and track your mobile app marketing campaigns allows you to better understand your audience. The more you understand about the demographics and behavior patterns of the customers you are trying to reach as well as their sources, the more targeted and successful your campaign will be. Tracking is essential for effective targeting and campaign optimization.

The increasing demand by advertisers for thorough campaign tracking and reporting will spur further development in mobile marketing tracking and optimization technologies in 2013.

3. Big Data (It's Everywhere)

Over the past few years, many industries have embraced the power of Big Data, and now the mobile marketing community is taking notice and recognizing its value.

Harnessing Big Data to optimize campaigns is the foundation of performance-oriented marketing. New technologies have now made way for in-depth campaign tracking, which allows mobile app marketing pros to professionalize and automate campaign optimization, thereby identifying the best way to allocate spending and maximize ROI.

The possibilities for discoveries using Big Data are endless. Thousands, millions, and billions of data points provide mobile app marketers with a wealth of knowledge on user behavior that wasn't previously available.

4. New Mobile User Behavior

At Trademob, we're predicting a change in user structure and behavior in 2013. As competition in the tablet and smartphone market increases, they will inevitably become more accessible and affordable to a larger cross-section of demographics, including less affluent and increasingly younger users.

With the introduction of new tablets like the iPad Mini, the number of tablet users is expected to see explosive growth, reaching nearly 70 million, up from 34 million in 2011 according to eMarketer. The trend of new user structures is extremely important to keep in mind when developing and marketing mobile business strategies in the New Year.

Mobile users, for example, are more likely to make big-ticket purchases from their tablet device than from a smartphone. As these user structures develop and change, mobile marketing professionals must adapt.

* * *

As the world of mobile app marketing continues to evolve, more developments will arise to shape the industry. Recognizing industry trends, such as the four mentioned in this article, will keep you relevant; but finding ways to use them to your advantage will make a major difference in your future campaigns.

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Need to Know: Four Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2013

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Ravi Kamran is founder of Trademob, a leading mobile app marketing platform.