You know this isn't working. Something just isn't right.

You've spent weeks refining your Web copy. You think it looks damn near perfect. But it's not bringing the results you need.

Traffic. Leads. Profit.

Is that too much to ask? You give, and you give: You list your achievements, you detail your experience, you explain your worldview.

But you're not getting much action on your site. No new subscribers. Your sales have fallen. And those word-of-mouth referrals you started your business with have vanished.

Your competitors are busy playing the field, getting attention.

Their websites are like magnets for online traffic. New customers can't seem to stay away.

So, what do they have that you don't?

They don't have more expertise or experience. So why is their Web copy attracting and seducing new customers while your carefully crafted copy leaves readers feeling cold and uninterested?

Fortunately, you too can entice new customers. You just need to make a few changes to your Web copy. Changes that will seduce your readers, make them feel special, make them see you have the answers they seek.

And once you do, you'll be swamped with phone calls, emails, and requests for your services.

Ready to learn how to woo new customers? Use the following four ways to sweep them off their feet with some sweet-talking Web copy.

1. Let me feel the love

We're selfish. Every one of us. We can't help it. It's human.

So when we visit a business website that talks only about itself, we lose interest. Immediately.

But when we visit a site that showers us with attention. We like it. A lot. We want to hear how it will improve our lives.

Do this: We help you create your dream home with color.

Not this: We are the country's leader in paint sales.

Be specific about how you'll help your customer. You can include your accomplishments, but show us how it will solve our problem.

2. Tell me about me

Your About page should be about your customer. Not you. Yes, I mean it.

Have you ever gone on a date with someone who provided a detailed life story? Every excruciating detail? If you did, then you know about exit plans.

But with a website, you don't need an exit plan. Just a click on the back button. And you're gone. Never to return.

Do this: Are you looking for help to navigate the grant application process? I have the experience to help you from start to finish.

Not this: In my 20 years of experience, I have seen many changes in the grant application process. Twenty years ago, it was a simple matter of filling out a form; however, an increase in applications caused much confusion. Things changed again 10 years ago.

See what I mean by exit plan? Help your customer by making your About page about them.

3. Show me everything

Sometimes, you start a relationship and hit it off right from the start. But as you spend more time with this person, a few weird things happen. She won't return your calls as quickly. She shows up late for your dates. And when she invites you to the movies, she buys popcorn only for herself.

What happened to the attentive and considerate person you first met?

People worry about this scenario in business relationships too. That's why you must be transparent on your website. Tell me what working with you will be like. Show me that your energy won't be spent just in the pursuit of my business; demonstrate your commitment to keeping me around.

Do this: If we decide to work together, I will provide you with weekly reports detailing progress to date. This will be your chance to make sure we're on track with your project or to make any changes.

Not this: See why we are the leading social media marketing company in town. Hire us today. You won't regret it.

You must be specific both about how you will help with your customer's project and about what will be involved for the duration.

4. Make it easy for me

Don't play games or give us the runaround. Your customer has shown some interest in you. Make it easy for him to get closer and give you a chance. Tell him exactly what he needs to do to get your help.

Do this: Click here for a free quote now.

Not this: We offer many services depending on your needs. Visit our contact us page to find the appropriate department for your question.

Use simple, straightforward language. If you make information difficult to understand or find on your Website, you will lose customers.

Make me a part of your life

You're a giver. That's why you went into business for yourself—to help others with your expertise.

And you know you deliver results. You're good at what you do. The best.

And with the right Web copy, potential customers will finally understand exactly how powerful your services are. How their lives will be better with you in it. How finding you was meant to be.

They'll truly believe it was destiny.

So get started. You've got this. Dump your old, selfish copy. You deserve better.

Just work on those four simple steps to nurture relationships by giving your clients the attention they need.

And once you've made those changes, customers will be vying for your attention. Fighting over you. Wanting you to be their one and only.

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Four Ways to Woo New Customers With Sweet-Talking Web Copy

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Lisa Pierson is a conversion copywriter and the founder of FastCopy. She helps busy people get good copy fast.

Twitter: @piersonlisaj

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