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If you have an app, it may be one of your most valuable connections with your customers. Getting someone to download your app is a great beginning, but it's not enough for a business/customer relationship. To be successful with mobile marketing, you need to engage with your users: You want them to be customers—to use your products or services or to buy your merchandise.

Fortunately, you have various ways (think of them as channels) to connect with your mobile audience.

Let's evaluate some ways you can use mobile messaging to communicate with customers so that they stay involved and you retain an ongoing opportunity to strengthen your business relationship with them.

First, think about the value that mobile messaging brings. Your users are busy with their lives, yet you want them to remember you. Perhaps you're having a sale; you've lowered prices to try to move product quickly, and the more people you can reach with that message, the better.

Or you have news you want to share—perhaps a new product or feature. You want to share that information and get your customers excited about that product or feature, or to use it.

Or maybe you want to reach users to ask them to rate your performance. Getting ratings (don't we all hope for five stars?) lets us know how we're doing and hopefully also influences other users to download the app or try our product or service. Mobile messaging is an excellent way to ask for ratings after your user has made a purchase or had other interaction via your app.

Those are just three examples. With mobile, there are many ways you can reach customers with those and other messages.

Mobile Messaging Channels

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Wes McDowell is the head of Web strategy at The Deep End, a Web consulting agency in Chicago.

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