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Four Ways to Use Recent AdWords Updates to Power Up Your Ad Performance

by Janet Janzen  |  
May 4, 2017

Getting ready for a mobile-first 2017, Google announced four changes to AdWords that will improve ad performance if you use the right tools and tactics to maximize response.

All the changes are intended to open up new channels for marketers on mobile devices and give more choices to consumers.

Let's look at four easy tweaks, using the tools you already have, to make the most of those new channels to get more leads and improve your conversion rate.

1. Increase conversions by up to 80% with Message Extensions

October 2016: Message Extensions. In fall 2016, Google rolled out click-to-message for ads displayed on mobile to boost engagement in the channel consumers prefer most. The beta users saw remarkable results: an 80% boost in conversion rates compared with a similar channel and with the same ad creative. For any company looking to drive more leads, implementing click-to-message clearly promises low-hanging fruit, offering more leads for minimal up-front investment.

Designed with local business owners in mind, Google's basic click-to-message works best for those who expect a manageable volume of texts from a localized and targeted campaign. The advertiser uses a single textable phone line in the message extension at the bottom of the ad, and all incoming texts go to that one line. If someone isn't attending the phone line, resulting in no response or a delayed response, that opportunity will be lost and the consumer will likely be upset and move on to the next, responsive business.

For all sizes of companies expecting a large volume, basic click-to-message makes sense only with a third-party chat software to handle the flow of incoming texts with the instantaneous response expected by consumers.

A third-party chat solution eliminates the chance of lost leads, and it scales the AdWords enhancement by sending texts to your frontline sales team or contact center, already set up to handle a large volume of incoming inquiries.

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Janet Janzen is creative content writer at Telmetrics, a response analytics company that enables, tracks, and analyzes consumer interactions to increase engagement and return on advertising spend.

LinkedIn: Janet Janzen

Twitter: @JanetJanzen

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