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Are you still sitting on the sidelines, missing out on all the marketing and branding opportunities Facebook Live has opened for businesses around the world?

If yes, it's time to let go of your apprehensions and recognize this opportunity that has already changed the way people use Facebook.

Facebook is quickly transforming into a video-only platform, and one of its top executives has already predicted the near end of the written word in a few years' time.

Facebook Live is a major step in that direction.

Source: Facebook Live Stats 2016

Facebook is intentionally giving more organic exposure to live videos, which is why Facebook Live dominates the News Feeds of most of its users these days.

What does that mean for businesses and B2B marketers?

Some 60% of B2B marketers already use pre-produced video in their online marketing strategy, according to the annual B2B content marketing survey by MarketingProfs and CMI. It's safe to assume livestreaming is going to be a growing part of video use in the future.

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Jawad Khan is an experienced inbound marketer and a freelance blogger for hire. You can follow him on his blog WritingMyDestiny.

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