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LSI keywords are one of the latest and greatest trends and tools in search engine optimization. The snazzy sounding digital marketing acronym stands for latent semantic indexing, which isn't nearly as confusing as it sounds.

It just means that an LSI keyword is a keyword that is commonly related to or paired with another primary keyword that people use to search.

They are discovered over time based on data from people's search patterns and behavior, with various algorithms figuring out which search terms are related to one another.

According to Google, LSI keywords are useful for making its search function better by guessing what people are really looking for, and it has recommended using them on your webpage to help improve its ranking.

How Do LSI Keywords Improve Your Rankings?

Search algorithms look over every webpage they can and determine exactly what that page is relevant for. In short, Google is identifying primary keywords and determining the topic of that page.

Moreover, it's only natural that those primary keywords would be surrounded by hyper-relevant, similar, and supporting keywords. Enter LSI keywords: LSI keywords can be used to determine the content and quality of what's on each webpage.

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Brad Keys is director of strategy and enterprise sales at search engine marketing firm 180fusion. He focuses on cutting-edge digital optimization tactics to support profitable and sustainable growth strategies for online businesses.

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