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Nine Critical Issues to Consider Before You Buy Marketing Software

by Chris Gomersall  |  
June 19, 2017

In today's rapidly changing, increasingly digitized economy, marketing software has become the lifeblood of savvy marketers. It can often be the determining factor between success and failure both for your marketing campaigns and for your brand.

But today's marketing software landscape is flooded with thousands of solutions offering varying features and benefits: There were, in fact, more than 3,500 solutions on the market as of 2016, and that number is likely to only go up.

That sort of environment can make it nearly impossible to find the right marketing technology for your organization.

Here are nine valuable tips to help you make the right martech call to enhance your core marketing initiatives.

1. Determine the 'Why'

Before you begin any sort of marketing software selection process, you should ask yourself "why": Why do you need it? Uncover the top five things that matter most to you, which is how you will define success in this process.

Then, those central issues can help you to determine a detailed list of the problems you are looking to solve. How big are the problems? What sort of impact can this software have on your bottom line? Answering those questions can lead you to uncovering the core features you require in your marketing software.

Vendors can then discuss with you how their software can help you. Once that process is complete, companies that you feel comfortable with can compete for your business through the RFP process.

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Chris Gomersall is the CEO and founder of ATOMIZED, provider of visual marketing calendars for brands and agencies, including editorial, marketing communications, brand planning, and publishing calendars.

LinkedIn: Chris Gomersall

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  • by Ksenia Newton Mon Jun 19, 2017 via web

    Chris, such a great article! Thank you for sharing. You have made a really good point about marketing software becoming “the lifeblood of savvy marketers.” We live in a fast - paced world, and even 48-hour-days are not enough to execute upon the many marketing initiatives we have on our to-do lists. That’s why more and more marketers are leaning toward agile marketing that helps them stay organized and grow. And getting the right marketing tools and software is an integral part of growth strategy.

    Just like having a personal organizer can improve your efficiency; having a business calendar that identifies, outlines and manages various marketing activities, can supercharge your organizational efforts and drive better results.

    At my firm, we recommend to think through the following questions before considering purchasing a marketing calendar software for your business:
    1. Are you currently using multiple spreadsheets to manage marketing calendars for your different marketing departments?
    2. Do you have several divisions or brands maintaining their own marketing plans?
    3. Are you a global organization seeking to share and communicate your marketing plans for different regions to various stakeholders?
    4. Do you have several marketing departments managing different marketing channels?
    5. Do you have challenges communicating your marketing plan to internal and external stakeholders?
    6. Are you having challenges managing and communicating the changes to marketing plan as well as controlling who and when can make those changes?
    7. Do you see a need to communicate a marketing plan in a single standardized format to ensure consistency?

    Answering Yes to these questions can signify that your organization or business has a need for a better way of consolidating and executing your marketing initiatives. For more advice on how to scale your marketing operations, consider reading [comment modified by MarketingProfs]

  • by Chris Fuelling Tue Jun 20, 2017 via web

    Great article Chris. I especially like the "Walled Gardens" reference. It's essential to have a platform that encourages an ecosystem of outside apps and also connects your companies main CRM & marketing tools. Many marketing automation platforms today are doing a good job of that.

    We learned that the hard way couple years back, by building an ESP platform with phone triggers that connected reps with warm prospects that recently opened or clicked a CTA link in an e-mail. The companies that liked the phone-triggers strategy wanted it to work inside their sales & marketing stack, and not have to manage a silo application, no matter how great it was.

    So we rebuilt the application as a middleware/microservice (in tech speak) that plugs into ANY CRM, E-mail, or marketing automation platform without having to use APIs. Connecting 3rd party apps in this way continues to get easier and easier and is no longer a job required by IT departments. [Comment modified by MarketingProfs.]

  • by Stephen C. Wed Jun 21, 2017 via web

    Great article! Having run marketing at a number of tech startups No. 8 is very important. To fully leverage many MarTech products, make sure you bake into your ROI the cost to run the product/service. The cost of the software and the head hours have to be factored in and often, in the case of marketing automation, that cost will include expensive external resources.

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