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Creativity. A trait we often ascribe to Stephen King or Steve Jobs. However, many lesser-known people also possess it—and, in today's world, many jobs require it.

Creativity is not for the faint of heart, however. It can be frustrating, mind-bending, and, well, hard. Creativity in copywriting is no exception. Copywriters know that creativity doesn't always come right when you need it.

Here are four common causes of creative block and some ideas for overcoming them.

Threat 1. Neglecting Inspiration

When's the last time you remember feeling truly inspired and what caused it?

A common mantra of writers is that you can't just wait for inspiration to strike. But that doesn't mean you can never seek it. Writers need inspiration to keep writing. The key is seeking it regularly, not just when your creative pool seems to be running dry (as Ann Handley discusses in her Everybody Writes).

Where can you find regular creative inspiration?

Develop the habit of consuming some type of creative inspiration on a regular basis (daily, weekly, etc.). Some ideas:

  • Connecting with other creative people
  • Journaling
  • Reading articles related to a topic you plan to write about
  • Researching the creative process itself

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Jessica Swanda is a freelance copywriter experienced in digital marketing, journalism, and social media. She provides writing and creativity tips at proofisinthewriting.com.

LinkedIn: Jessica Swanda

Twitter: @Jessica_Swanda