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You may think your brand story is about your business... but think again.

The brand story, at its core, is about your consumers. Your story is what your business stands for; it is its set of beliefs, its purpose, and its meaning. Those values, in turn, become the signals that your consumers learn from and associate with.

When that story is crafted correctly, consumers will be proud to represent a brand, and they will market the brand of their own volition via word-of-mouth.

But how do you craft such a compelling brand story?

Examine your business's origins to find a story that resonates with consumers. That story must be shareable and interactive, encouraging consumer engagement. Positive stories are better received than negative ones, and those appealing to consumers' need for fulfillment are sure to deliver results. Finally, the story must be cohesive across all touchpoints where consumers might interact with the brand.

The following steps will help you identify and develop a strong brand story that delights consumers and keeps them coming back for more.

1. Look to your roots

Consider how the origins of your business relate to the backgrounds of your consumers. Ask yourself what problems your business solves for your consumers. That is, what solution does your business provide? The answers to these questions can serve as the starting point for finding your brand story. Look for connections between your business purpose and your consumers' experiences.

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Courtney Apps is a freelance writer based in Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in creating content that helps businesses succeed.

Twitter: @courtneyapps

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