Fully 35% of the American workforce consists of freelancers. Among them are a lot of writers, most of them talented, hard-working people who treat freelancing as a business and are always looking to grow.

Hiring Freelancers

If you are considering hiring freelance writers, you need to be prepared to seek them out. To start, take the following six steps.

1. Define your voice

If you don't have a style guide, take the time to document your company's writing style and tone before approaching writers:

  • What's your tone of voice?
  • Who is your typical audience?
  • Do specific words or phrases embody your brand?

2. Pre-screen them

Before you reach out to freelancers, develop a process to evaluate them. Decide what kind of writer you need. Create standard interview questions and determine who will assess their work and with what criteria.

A resume can tell you the basics about a writer's experience, but to know whether they'll be a good fit you need to ask for samples. (Don't worry if those samples have nothing to do with your industry.) Evaluate their writing style. Someone who wrote a hilarious review for dog treats may be a better fit for your off-beat tech gadget website than the person who painstakingly documented every specification of the latest processor launch.

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