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If you want your customers and potential customers to think of your content less as annoying advertisement and more as valuable, useful, or enjoyable marketing, you need to rethink your content strategy.

Various content methods generate leads. Visual and interactive content, in particular, can increase not only clickthrough rates (CTR) but also conversion rates for many marketing campaigns, whether email signups, clicks on links, or sales of your product.

Here are seven proven methods to help you increase your leads and optimize conversion rates.

1. Blog Posts

A blog is one of the original types of content marketing, and it can be used to help promote most websites and online stores.

One of the greatest benefits of a high-quality blog is its ability to boost a website's search engine rankings by targeting keywords. A blog with solid advice that draws the attention of consumers can increase traffic to your website and help consumers decide to purchase your product or use your services.

To optimize your blog's CTR and conversion rates, you may need to test blog post frequency, times to post, and content mix. As a starting point, post to your blog weekly during high-traffic times of the year and include a variety of text-only, infographics, and slide content. By testing a range of options, you can fully optimize your conversion rates.

2. Videos

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Andrew Gazdecki is the founder and CEO of Bizness Apps, a do-it-yourself iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5 app platform that allows mobile app resellers, or small businesses that have no programming knowledge, to create, edit, and manage mobile apps.

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