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The quest of marketers to find the best converting strategy, or the tactic that yields the highest ROI, never ends. We've been told over and over that content is king, social media is a must, and email is still very much in.

So we asked digital marketers involved with e-commerce businesses about their experience with email newsletters. Do they still work, or are they a thing of the past?

What are the best newsletter practices that make money now, and what is old news? Those people manage email campaigns for brands large and small, and they shared their opinion with us readily.

Question: Are Email Newsletters Effective in E-Commerce?

Most experts we talked to agree that email newsletters work for online stores, and the trend is not likely to change. However, half of them warn that there are rules that must be followed to generate revenue (it doesn't just work like magic):

  • Yes, email newsletters are effective: 8
  • No, they are not effective: 1
  • Yes, they're effective if...: 8

Why 'Yes': Email vs. Social

In an age of information overload, email newsletters are an alternative for keeping a relationship with the audience going. When social media is so noisy, waiting patiently in the inbox for when readers have time doesn't sound so bad.

Drew Fortin of The Predictive Index says, "Not only do they allow us to send a collection of relevant, recently produced content, they also allow those who may not want to hear from you daily to stay informed and engaged on a less frequent basis."

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image of Stephan Markov

Stephan Markov is a digital marketer at Metrilo, a tool designed to help e-commerce businesses sell more by making data-driven decisions.

LinkedIn: Stephan Markov