Are you helping to run an e-commerce business? Looking for ways to use email marketing to boost your conversion rates?

You have a lot of options for marketing your e-commerce business online: social media, SEO, and content marketing, among others. But for driving conversions or sales, email can be your best friend.

If you're not optimizing email marketing for your e-commerce store, then you're losing money and opportunities: 33% of consumers report that email contributes most to their online shopping.

Are you getting real engagement or conversions from your efforts? If you want to drive real results, you need to take some steps. So, in this article, I'll provide 15 e-commerce email marketing tips and best-practices (with real-life examples).

The best part? These tips are entirely actionable: You can easily implement them to increase conversion rates.

1. Offer a 'bribe' during subscription process

You're a smart marketer, and a smart marketer knows the importance of email lists. If you want subscribers, offer them a "bribe"—some sort of incentive. Even a small one is better than nothing. Show people you're serious about building a relationship with them.

Here's an example from Food52, offering $10 off:

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