Voice search has recently begun to take center stage, signifying a dramatic change in the way consumers undertake their online searches. Voice-activated technology is switching things up; as marketers, we need to be ready.

This article will take you into the realm of voice search, highlighting current trends, potential growth, the effects it's likely to have on digital marketing and SEO, as well as some of the opportunities and barriers you may face as a marketer.

You'll also get some tips on how to adapt your marketing strategy for voice search.

The Adoption and Growth of Voice Search

Before, when we searched for something online, we'd grab our preferred device and type in a request to Google. Now, we simply pick up our phones and speak into them. The way we communicate with our devices is changing drastically. Now, approximately 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search at least once a day.

But where does voice search in a business setting stand?

Nearly 50% of 914 people surveyed said they feel comfortable using voice search when in the office by themselves, and nearly 25% said they'd feel comfortable doing so in front of coworkers, recent survey results find. Moreover, executives are spending more time on mobile devices to research and make business purchases, according to research from 2014. It would not be out of this world to imagine that more and more they will be doing so through voice search.

Although there is no fundamental proof, yet, that voice search will become more widely adopted by company executives, the leap between text-based searches and voiced-based ones is very short, especially when you consider that by the end of 2017 some 33 million voice-first mobile devices are expected to be in circulation across the world.

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