The problem: You worry that members of your sales team are not following the right messaging guidelines in their cold outreach to prospects.

The solution: You can give them templates to one-click insert.

Giving cold-email templates to your sales team guarantees two things: (1) You can rest easy knowing they're using the right positioning; and (2) Sending emails with proven copywriting techniques will increase their open and reply rates.

Remember: cold emails aren't about the sale; they're about initiating conversation and getting the ball rolling.

Sounds familiar to what you do every day, right?

To get you started, here are three standout cold email templates (used by our sales team at Yesware), plus the "science" behind their effectiveness.

1. How to Connect With Prospects on a Human Level

Misery loves company: It's a fact that people love to complain on social media. Especially about brand inefficiency.

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image of Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams is a content marketing specialist at Yesware, an email productivity plugin that simplifies outreach with email tracking, templates, mail merge, and more tools. Visit the Yesware blog for email templates.

LinkedIn: Melissa Williams

Twitter: @msmelwilly