We're prepping for one of the biggest seasons in retail, and a few new data points might be dropping an unpleasant piece of coal in retailers' stockings for the 2017 holiday shopping season.

Here are a few points that jumped out at me. NetElixer predicts a 10% increase in e-commerce sales this season, but that's down compared with the 11% increase in 2016. The biggest reason: an increase in spending with Amazon, which is expected to jump from 30% in 2016 to 34% in 2017. And 55% of shoppers are already in research mode before October (meaning, they're buying as you read), according to NRF's 2017 Retail Playbook.

So, how can your business react to consumer behaviors—and try to beat the retail giant that is Amazon?

Here are five innovative ways to keep driving revenue this holiday retail season through next-generation remarketing.

1. Uncover surprising trends via on-site data

We're so frequently focused on data points like add-to-cart and time-on-site. But the challenge around data is that it's only as smart as the questions you ask of it. If you have the right technology in place, you'll be able to ask bigger questions about the entire prospect and customer journey.

Answering those questions now—instead of in the midst of the holiday season—will help you determine your best prospects to home in on so you can drive more conversions.

2. Don't wait to start using holiday-focused messaging

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Andrew Fegley is president of Remarketable, an ALC Smart Data Solutions Company, and a proprietary, privacy-compliant, multichannel retargeting platform dedicated to driving transactions.

LinkedIn: Andrew Fegley

Twitter: @Andrew__Fegley