Let's be real: Hoping for that one Instagram post that blows up your follower count and propels you into social media superstardom isn't much of a strategy, is it?

That said, those who consistently score likes, comments, and engagement with their posts aren't doing so by accident. So, by understanding the ins and outs of Instagram's most popular types of posts, you can fine-tune your own Instagram content strategy.

Whether your goal is getting Instagram followers or simply driving more eyeballs to your social content, keep the following tips in the back of your mind. These are fair game regardless of the current size of your following.

1. Find your voice

Many brands' Instagram efforts fail simply because they can't find their voice. They copy what everyone else is doing. Their messages and captions don't come across as human or organic; they feel sterile and forced.

Show your followers that there's a unique person behind each post. Doing so not only gives your brand a sense of personality but also encourages more activity in the comments section.

For example, fashion brands like Black Milk Clothing drive engagement with playful and lighthearted captions to connect with their followers; and even something as simple as throwing in some emojis can help boost your interactions:

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