If an explainer video is the snack, a long-form documentary (think 15 minutes) is the marketing equivalent of a four-course meal.

The thing is... no content strategy can live on snackable content alone. Sometimes, you need to serve up a full meal.

First, some specifics.

"Long-form" isn't really that long. It's more like 15 minutes. But those 15 minutes can seem like an eternity when research tells us to keep our videos under 60 seconds.

So, right about now you're probably thinking any or all of the following:

  • "I barely watch a minute of video at a time. Why would my audience watch more?"
  • "I don't think we could actually fill 15 minutes."
  • "We barely have the budget for shorter explainers. How do I justify something longer?"
  • "When's lunch?"

We had those exact questions earlier this year before making our first documentary for Akamai's Gaming solutions business. Titled "The Most Awesome Game" and clocking in at 14:41, it's a behind-the-scenes look at how online games are conceived, developed, and delivered.

We lived to tell the tale, and no sooner was "The Most Awesome Game" in the can than Akamai commissioned a second documentary, this time for its mammoth media streaming business. "Revolutionaries: Voices from the OTT Frontline," is out now and showcased on Akamai's homepage.

What value did Akamai see in those projects, and why did it therefore greenlight them?

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image of Karen Morad

Karen Morad is director of content as well as client services at revenue marketing agency Demand Spring, a demand-generation consultancy that helps marketing organizations improve their ability to build and progress sales pipeline.

Linked In: Karen Cigala Morad

Twitter: @kciggy