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What does it mean to be human (and a marketer) in a world where even the most creative and intuitive endeavors are being turned into automated, optimized, and streamlined processes?

With the onslaught of stories about the launch of new, fantastic pieces of software or technological advancements that'll make life simpler and computers able to make essential data connections, it seems that we're quickly entering a full-blown "Artificial Intelligence Age."

At the root of AI are perception and cognition, which also happen to be two of the fundamental tenets of the marketing industry. It's no surprise, then, that software, algorithms, and AI applications are consistently used to help marketers and make their job of "adaptive persuasion" more effective and efficient.

Far from being a substitute for the creative process, though, data is empowerment. By offering deeper and more comprehensive consumer insights, data fuels curiosity and raises enlightening questions that help creatives cultivate the emotional connections essential to impactful marketing.

Data is in fact invigorating, then, and much more relevant and necessary for marketers today than ever before.

Algorithms and Creativity: Made for Each Other

At a base level, algorithms and data sciences provide essential details about consumers that enable the creation of meaningful and impactful campaign stories. Beyond story, they also reveal those individuals who are most receptive to a company's mission and goals. They further allow businesses to deliver messages across devices and in the proper consumer context while improving overall effectiveness—making the time and money invested work much harder.

Powerful human insights, when combined with data that bolsters creative interpretation and imagination, can create bold and meaningful advertising and marketing solutions.

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image of Shravya Kaparthi

Shravya Kaparthi is director of strategy and decision sciences at RAPP, an Omnicom Company. She has 8+ years of cross-cultural experience inspiring creative solutions across consumer-facing, data-driven industries.

LinkedIn: Shravya Kaparthi