Over the years, some ad tech trends have undergone full evolution, whereas others have only iteratively grown. Nevertheless, each trend has been instrumental in pushing advertising, including mobile advertising, a bit further into the future, while exponentially improving the experience for users, advertisers, and publishers alike.

Here are five trends that will be dominating forces come 2018.

1. Industry Consolidation: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

History has shown that industry consolidation is a natural process and that systemic market forces make it possible to predict its evolution.

In 2017, we saw consolidation of many ad tech players, with merger and acquisition deals reaching record levels. But it's not over yet. What has been most apparent in 2017 is that the ad tech industry is not for the fainthearted.

We'll continue to see companies with a unique offering and position in the market being bought by the big players, while a lack of investment will dissolve others and rid the industry of dead weight.

2. The Innovating Dragon of China

The (not so) best-kept secret in the ad tech industry is China. It's the world's largest smartphone market and it has become an innovating dragon in the emerging world. Innovations in China far exceed those in the West, and the technology industry continues to attract attention, talent, and investment from the rest of the world

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image of Abhay Singhal

Abhay Singhal is a co-founder and the chief revenue officer of InMobi, one of the world's largest independent mobile advertising platforms.

LinkedIn: Abhay Singhal

Twitter: @abhaysinghal