E-books are valuable fuel for your content marketing engine.

According to a 2017 DemandGen Report, 63% of people are willing to register and share information about themselves in exchange for e-books. E-books assist in positioning people and companies as thought leaders, provide value to customers and prospects, and generate leads.


However, e-books are as vulnerable to the phenomenon of content shock as all other content marketing formats. With 3.3 million pieces of content posted to Facebook every minute, and 50% of content online getting eight shares or less, creating content that stands out isn't easy.

So creating a high-quality, standout e-book is a challenge. Creating a high-quality standout e-book with a bad topic is near impossible. But if you read the following steps, you'll find generating a captivating e-book topic just takes a little practice.

What Should an E-Book Be About?

There are three common sources of information you can mine to help generate an e-book topic.

1. Your Company

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Sasha Laferte is senior content marketing manager at content curation and content marketing platform Curata. To get started on your e-book today, download curata's complete e-book template.

LinkedIn: Sasha Laferte

Twitter: @SashaLaferte