Video plays an important role in driving consumers' purchase decisions: 79% of consumers say they would be willing to spend more money on a product after they watch a social media influencer's video about it, has found. So using your YouTube channel could be a perfect option for you to drive sales. At the same time, you may face some challenges in converting your subscribers into customers.

In this article, you're going to learn three ways to turn YouTube subscribers into valuable customers.

1. Create customer-testimonial videos

People trust other people: 89% of consumers say the most effective type of content is customer testimonials, according to Lithium. Make the most of that fact by producing customer-testimonial videos regularly and sharing them with your YouTube subscribers.

Having your clients or customers attesting for you gives your brand more credibility. It shows prospective customers proof that those who have chosen your brand were able to benefit from their decision. When your subscribers view testimonial videos, they come to trust your brand more and get closer to making a purchase.

In other words, customer testimonial videos are a way to show social proof through YouTube. FreshBooks does a great job of this. It regularly shares videos of customers who explain how FreshBooks has helped them in their business.

For example, here's a testimonial by an interior designer who found it easier to work on projects and manage her invoices using the platform:

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