Imagine you're planning one of those epic cross-country road trips with your family. The group has picked out the various stops and activities along the way. And you've been tasked with charting the course and drafting a budget before the vacation adventures can begin.

Now imagine trying to do that without knowing anything about your trip's point of origin. You could be starting out from anywhere—Seattle, Boston, Anchorage... You have no idea. But you've still got a job to do, or you'll let your family down.

If you're thinking that feat seems impossible, you're probably right. There's little to no chance your trip will be a success if you don't first have all the relevant information at your disposal.

That's why you should now be asking yourself: Why would I launch a brand awareness campaign without first having a full assessment of my starting point—my brand's position in the market?

It's easy to have a vision, but it's impossible to make that vision a reality unless you know your starting point.

Dropping Your Pin on the Map of Brand Value

How your brand is perceived has a huge impact on its success. Strong brands instill confidence in investors, consumers, media outlets, employees, and even free-agent talent. All that confidence translates into steady growth and rising profits.

On the other hand, brands perceived as weak, vulnerable, or broken will face problems. Everything will be harder: securing strong partnerships, retaining customers, and fixing mistakes.

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Dara Treseder is the chief marketing officer for GE Ventures. She's passionate about all things related to marketing and technology.

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