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As a marketer working in the cyber-security industry, I'm bombarded with news about data breaches all the time—in my emails, my news feed, my co-workers' conversations around me... And as hard as it is to admit, it all starts to normalize and become a part of my every day.

However, when Deloitte, one of the biggest accountancy firms, got hit with a breach in September— I thought, "What a PR nightmare" and began to wonder about what the marketing and PR implications are for cyber security.

Although we marketers may not be the ones providing technical support or implementing security applications in our workplaces, what can we do—if anything—to prevent breaches security like that one from happening?

My job responsibilities (and yours, I'm sure) cover a wide range of channels: At 9:00 AM I can be looking at advertisement statistics and analytics, by 3:00 PM I can be checking out an event location, and when 6:00 PM rolls around I'm finishing up sending over emails to potential leads. Because my work varies so much, I use a multitude of platforms that are largely Cloud-based.

Now don't get me wrong... The myriad of platforms make my workflow a whole lot easier, but the lack of integrations into one seamless platform inevitably means that information is being distributed to multiple locations. That information could be anything from company financial figures to customer contact information—which, if it fell into the wrong hands, could mean bad business.

US credit monitoring agency Equifax revealed, also in September, that it had had 143 million customer contacts stolen in a hacking incident. That's not something I would ever want to be cleaning up, but it was a reminder that without taking the proper measures within my marketing responsibilities... that could be me.

So, what are some things that we as marketers can do to deflect or even block the cyber-breach blow?

After some reflection, based on my experience working for a security company I came up with top four tips for fellow marketers.

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image of Esther Jeohn

Esther Jeohn is the head of global marketing at Penta Security Systems Inc., an IT-security firm in Seoul, Korea. The company specializes in Web, data, and IoT security products and services.

LinkedIn: Esther Jeohn