It's an age-old conundrum.

Hundreds of marketing articles have declared that PPC and SEO should not work in independent silos. But old-fashioned conventions keep many digital marketing agencies and marketers from truly integrating the two. In some models, the agency's SEO group is even viewed as a threat that can hurt the agency's PPC-fee revenue.

Also, sometimes, one vendor owns the client brand's SEO relationship, and another independent firm owns the PPC management. In that case, the client may not feel comfortable putting both "families" in the same room. The client then plays the role of middleman—but may not always succeed in passing valuable information back and forth.

This article will share a few important reasons for tying your PPC and SEO together into collaborative campaigns, and also explain why it's necessary to destroy those silos.

Customer Funnel Coverage

Strategic marketing is more critical for search than ever before. Sure, there is still room for select tactics, but so much of what we've done in search marketing to date has been tactical.

On the SEO side, many of those tactics simply don't work because Google no longer allows them. RIP directory links, press release links, PageRank sculpting, etc. The sophistication of Google's organic search within the last few years should be driving SEO marketers to think outside the box. (Read my post on the subject: "How to Build SEO Strategies Effectively (and Make Them Last)").

This need for bigger, better strategies leads to longer execution, which is one of the reasons SEO takes longer than in previous years.

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