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SEO has one fundamental objective: Drive organic traffic to your site. That is generally done by accomplishing one fundamental goal: Increase organic rankings in search engines.

However, what if there were a way to improve your traffic without having to worry about your rankings? What if you could improve traffic even if your rankings don't change?

You can! By applying creative optimization of your title tags and meta descriptions, you can improve your clickthrough rate, which can directly affect the amount of organic traffic you get from search engines without changing your rankings at all.

What does all that mean? We'll start with a bit of backstory.

Conversion Rate Optimization: A Very Brief Summary

The practice of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a field of study in its own right, and I won't profess to be an expert. However, the concept of CRO will inform our CTR tests, so I will provide a brief outline.

What is conversion rate?

Regarding Web traffic, the "conversion rate" is determined by the amount of visitors who take the action you want them to take, divided by the total amount of visitors to your webpage.

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Michael Hayes is a veteran search engine optimization marketer and founder of Darby Hayes Consulting, a NYC-based digital marketing firm.