Search engine marketing, specifically paid search, can be the fastest way to generate leads with a positive ROI. The challenge, however, is doing so with a healthy cost per acquisition (CPA). Indeed, there's no point in running search ads if they're not profitable.

We recently conducted a study of 30,000 paid accounts to see what affect machine-learning (ML) had on performance. It turns out that ML can help reduce CPA while increasing conversions at the same time.

We also uncovered lessons you can apply to your paid search marketing, no matter what additional technology you apply.

Here, I'll share eight techniques you can use to boost conversions while reducing the CPA of your ad campaigns.

1. Use remarketing and retargeting (the right way)

Although it's not a direct contribution to CPA reduction, remarketing can help you capture bounced visitors at various stages of the funnel.

For example, let's say a prospect visits a landing page to book a demo from a PPC campaign. They spend some time reading the copy but eventually bounce. Instead of letting them get away, use remarketing to capture them higher up the funnel. You can do so by using the AdWords display network, Facebook ads, and other visual-ad platforms that allow for retargeting.

I recommend these three landing-page approaches:

  1. Thought leadership: This approach positions you as a credible authority in your space. Your offers might include whitepapers, e-books, and other useful content on landing pages. The idea is to guide audience members through their journey, helping them to figure out what they need to solve their problems.
  2. Credibility boosters: Showcase your expertise and credibility with testimonials and case studies. These landing pages must still put education first, using customer stories to build your credibility.
  3. Conversion: Once users have worked their way "down the funnel," it's time to drive them to a sales page—demos, free trials, price comparisons, and even contact forms.

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image of Chandal Nolasco da Silva

Chandal Nolasco da Silva is content director of Acquisio, a performance media solution that helps digital marketers use the power of machine-learning to optimize their advertising results.

LinkedIn: Chandal Nolasco da Silva

Twitter: @ChandalN