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This has been a tricky year for marketers. Between Facebook's continual adjusting of algorithms for how posts are viewed and GDPR's complicating email marketing, we're all looking for new ways to reach our audiences.

One of the most effective methods of reaching new audiences is getting in front of other people's audiences (OPAs).

And one of the best methods for getting in front of OPAs is influencer engagement. By building influencer relationships, B2B marketers can tap into a wider audience quickly.

Here are four ways to do that.

1. Find influencers, then get their attention

Sadly, most advice to organically engage influencers starts and ends with "provide value." And that value is measured only in the form of comments, tweets, and shares.

Although useful, those aren't the metrics that keep influencers up at night. However, they are useful for becoming a more recognized name with your target influencers.

Start by creating an engagement tracking spreadsheet. Include your influencers' contact details, links to social profiles, and key metrics, such as followers and website domain authority.

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Tom Whatley is digital marketing manager at marketing solution provider Seraph Science.

Twitter: @thetomwhatley

LinkedIn: Tom Whatley