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Dear SEO community, clients don't simply want our SEO recommendations—they want guaranteed results.

Now, before you start proclaiming that Google algorithms are moving targets, let me clarify one thing: I'm not talking about guaranteed rankings. We all know that SEO professionals who offer guaranteed rankings are either shady characters or magicians (or maybe both).

However, though no one can guarantee high SEO rankings, it is possible to guarantee and deliver great results: namely, more webpages ranked and improved site indexing using technical SEO.

The idea that the best SEO firms don't offer guarantees isn't just holding back your clients... It's also holding back your business—and the industry as a whole.

Why should you offer SEO guarantees?

For starters, considering that two top challenges for SEO professionals are that clients don't understand the value of SEO and that it's difficult to prove return on investment, you'd be wise to start giving clients what they really want. If neither you nor your clients can justify the value of your service, you'll be the first thing to go at budget time.

Offering guarantees, by showing them the objective value of your service, also makes clients happier and keeps them around longer. And because so few people in the SEO industry currently offer guarantees, doing so yourself could give you a competitive advantage.

The greatest upside potential, however, comes from replacing your project-based pricing or hourly rate with a pay-for-performance revenue model based on your SEO guarantees. But that only works under certain circumstances.

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Hamlet Batista is the CEO at Ranksense, an SEO platform that uses machine-learning to help retailers improve SEO results.

LinkedIn: Hamlet Batista

Twitter: @hamletbatista