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When speaking with companies regarding the overall quality of the leads they receive via search (whether organic or paid), I hear common complaints:

"The leads come in and we respond, but then we never hear back."

"The leads are already talking to our competitors."

"The leads don't respond well to our proven sales process."

Those concerns are often true, but the conclusion that's often drawn—that search leads are low-quality—usually is not.

The truth is that there are critical differences between leads that are generated from a search query and leads that are generated from referrals and other traditional sources. Search leads are better served by a customized selling approach.

This article will discuss the primary reason search leads are distinct from others, review some common sales approaches that can hurt your chances with them, and then discuss some relatively simple adjustments you can make to better capitalize on search leads.

The Immediacy Factor

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Scott Buresh is founder and CEO of Medium Blue, an award-winning search engine optimization company.

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