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Marketers are often at the mercy of continually changing environments: We rely heavily on external platforms (Facebook, Google, and the like) to accomplish our strategies; those platforms, however, change at lightning speed, shifting the rules with little or no notice.

Think back to "Mobilegeddon," back in 2015. Digital marketing teams everywhere were scrambling to make their websites responsive before Google would begin penalizing their sites in search rankings.

No wonder Agile Marketing has become so popular among marketing teams everywhere.

Agile doesn't assume a static environment: It assumes factors will change; so, rather than planning a big project in a concrete sequence, Agile helps marketers plan a bit of work, execute it in a short time frame, and evaluate the results.

That process allows marketers to account for the inevitable volatility and uncertainty in day-to-day marketing operations.

Implementing Agile might sound like a tall order—especially if you're not sure where to start.

But don't worry. This article outlines five easy steps to going Agile with your marketing projects.

Step 1: Start With Goal-Setting

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Garrett Moon is the CEO and a co-founder of marketing calendar provider CoSchedule.

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Twitter: @garrett_moon