About 50% of B2B marketers believe thought leadership builds trust in their organization. However, among actual buyers, that number is much higher—around 83%.

That disconnect is preventing B2B marketers from using thought-leadership content in their quest to become a trusted resource for their customers.

More marketers need to understand that establishing a thought-leadership program drives value and builds trust, whereas not doing so risks falling behind or damaging their brand's credibility in the industry. However, many marketers struggle to identify their unique industry perspective, and then to integrate that perspective into their messaging, positioning, and content.

Are you in the same boat? Here are five easy-to-follow steps for kicking off (or elevating) your brand's thought-leadership program.

1. Analyze and assess your brand's credibility

Your brand's visibility and credibility go beyond SEO. Consider paying attention to your online presence as a whole:

  • Is the content on your social channels aligned?
  • Do you have someone monitoring your earned coverage to ensure consistency across channels?
  • How does your share of voice compare with your competitors'?
  • What overall message are you sending to your customers through your paid, earned, shared, and owned channels?

Establishing a consistent tone and flare that speak to your target buyer personas is the first step toward boosting credibility. If your content also doesn't speak to your customers' needs and preferences, then you probably lack authority and credibility in their minds.

Consider a visibility assessment or lean on an agency that has the tools to conduct a full assessment of your online presence.

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image of Mark C. Nardone

Mark C. Nardone is executive vice-president at PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B technology and healthcare brands. He oversees the firm's strategic focus across brand marketing and business development efforts.

LinkedIn: Mark Nardone

Twitter: @MarkCNardone