Brands and marketers are prioritizing repurposing influencer content to bring continuous value to their influencer partnerships. But extending the life of influencer-created content comes has a price, and it's something brands should be mindful of when beginning a partnership.

Once considered an afterthought in talent negotiations, usage rights are a topline factor in influencer pricing and can be one of the first questions brought up in partnership discussions.

Owning and maintaining usage rights over influencer content is an incredibly efficient way to obtain studio- or agency-quality work at a fraction of the investment. Despite the fees tagged on, the small charge is a fraction of the cost you would see from any third-party company's quote.

And now, creatives and their representatives are thinking more about what comes with repurposing content too, so brands will need to define clear goals when sitting at the table to negotiate. It can be costly to request usage rights that may never be used; on the other hand, neglecting to secure usage rights at the start of a sponsorship may cost a brand more down the road when the content is created—and its leverage has weakened.

Each negotiation will be unique, and there is no clear path to follow when navigating the ins and outs of usage rights for influencer content, but if you're working on a partnership, here are the most important elements to keep in mind.

Be Prepared for Associated Costs

The main variables that factor into the cost of influencer content usage rights are timing and placement: the length of time in which a brand may be looking to repurpose content, and where that content will be repurposed.

Generally, marketers approach usage rights in the following time increments:

  • 1 to 3 months—Little to no incremental fee; can usually be negotiated into an influencer's baseline fee.
  • 3 months to 1 year—Small to moderate incremental fee; can raise influencer fees up to 2x for macro creators.
  • More than 1 year—Significant incremental fee; can raise influencer fees exponentially for macro creators.

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image of Lauren McGrath

Lauren McGrath is the vice-president of studio and SaaS strategy at ACTIVATE,  which partners with brands and influencers to tell engaging and compelling stories across social media, at scale.

Linkedin: Lauren McGrath Shaftel