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Digital transformation is racing across the business world with such vigor that it's impossible for companies not to stand up and take note.

Mega-corporations and industries around the globe are migrating to digital records with built-in client portals, constructing not just beautiful but also practical websites, and implementing automation, live chat, social outreach, and much more. Because improving client communication is key, for many the mindset is "get on board, or get left behind."

Other markets, however, seem to be less concerned.

Apparently, some niche markets are under the impression that a small social presence and a semi-decent website are enough to make digital transformation work for them. But it's not enough to have some digital assets. A truly successful transformation requires that you use those assets to engage with your customers—a practice that niche markets haven't had to embrace in bygone eras, and they are reluctant to embrace them now.

But why is that?


Unfortunately, many niche markets have chosen to cling to modern-day myths that may have once stemmed from age-old truths. Ideas that may have been relevant in the past are no longer valid in a world that is increasingly connected.

To usher in improved customer engagement strategies, you must first learn to recognize which of the antiquated ones need replacing.

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image of Meredith Pratt

Meredith Pratt is the technical operations information manager at a niche investment firm in Massachusetts.

LinkedIn: Meredith Leigh Pratt