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Remember the early days of getting directions online? You'd go to a site like MapQuest, put in your start and end points, and print out 10 pages of turn-by-turn directions. It worked great... until you missed a turn. If you got off the route, you were doomed.

Compare that early tech to a current, GPS-based service, such as Google Maps—or today's MapQuest... It gives you dynamic directions in real-time. It knows where you are, how fast you're going, and where you're headed. It can even warn you of road hazards and find new routes on the fly.

Which version of navigation are you using to track your customers' journeys? Are you spitting out a set of directions for them to follow, hoping they won't deviate from the route? Or are you using accurate data to map where they are, where they're headed, and what hazards they need to avoid?

Marketing technology makes it possible to map the customer journey in far more detail than ever before. And a more accurate customer journey map can guide your marketing to be more strategic, better optimized, and ultimately more effective.

Here's how to create a better customer journey map to refine your campaign objectives.

Why a Customer Journey Map Matters

The process of creating a data-driven customer journey map will help you identify the touchpoints where your marketing influence is most critical. You can then redesign your campaign to address the most meaningful touchpoints, and adjust your objectives to reflect the changes.

Attribution and measurement are also easier with a more accurate customer journey map. You'll be able to see at a glance what interactions and outcomes are the most valuable in contributing to a conversion. Just make sure to plan for measurement as you plan your campaign.

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image of Tom Treanor

Tom Treanor is the global head of marketing at enterprise customer data platform Arm Treasure Data, where he drives strategy for the company's martech and data analytics tools.

Twitter: @RtMixMktg

LinkedIn: Tom Treanor